Life 1 – Panther

What is it that pants within me?
Always chasing yet not satisfied!
I cry out loud for it to stop;
Still panting, it goes on.

With strength it reaps my soul apart,
With longing, I join in the chase!
On earth, I get all I want,
But there’s still a hole.

A dark road, I have tread,
A dark way, I have led!
What shall it profit me?

Nothing is something,
Something is anything,
Anything is an entity!

Two ways before me,
Left for me to choose!
Panting within me,
I know the way I should choose,
But the way I choose,
Is Nothing…

My heart ponders!
My soul longs to know!


They say this is the way that he worked,
Setting his standards as he climbed high,
Marks left as he walked,
His time drew nigh.

The way he worked was great,
Standing always in the light,
His way was to create,
But he was gone and it was night.

He ran and set the pace
I am after but I am in sight
I came and it was a race
Its time that I take the light.

Tick tock,
It fades away
In the moonlight it shows off its sway
Down, down it goes
Dimmer it goes…

The sway now so stiff
Creaking as it reaches out
It stops.




Who says men don’t cry?
They are hardened by nature, they are the rocks and pillars of society. This is according to what society says. When a man cries in public, he is deemed as too weak or too emotional. I remember when i was young someone told me: “a strong man shows no emotions”. I loved this so much I learnt to hide my emotions. However, I began to read and then I read that a strong man is usually the weakest behind closed doors. I then formulated my idea that really when you see a man who appears to have everything going his way, he sometimes is the one who fights the greatest battles behind closed doors.

The brightest smiles have usually gone through the darkest pain. So I decided to show my emotions not just to anyone, but to the one who understands me. The one who loves me despite my imperfections, the one who knows my heart from the inside out. At that young age, I learnt to put my trust in God. I am almost 2 decades old now and I can boldly say He has not failed me yet. In my darkest moments when it feels all hope is gone, of course I have mastered the act of hiding my emotions, but then I also now know that there is someone who knows all my troubles and has all the solutions. So I run to Him and he hears my cry because He is a God that never sleeps. Sometimes its difficult to speak but he hears and answers. Sometimes through people who encourage me or just saying a word and at times through people I never thought I would speak to. Bottom line is: the man who takes his troubles to God on his knees is a man who will stand with boldness in the face of the trials and troubles of this world.

I wanted to write a poem but this just came out so… I now have to finish the poem next.

Peace&God bless

Living The Unknown

Gripped in the soul, deep down it searches.
Waiting for its time, itching as the clock ticks.
Searching earnestly for its time.

Raging in darkness…
Finding its form it approaches!
Knock! knock!
Persisting it tarries on.
Fading away it gives up hope.
Total recall: as the clock ticks.
Searching earnestly for its time.

Early it comes regardless of the music,
To the tune it dances, willing to take it away,
It dances like in limbo.
Searching earnestly for its time.

The light dims out,
The night approaches,
Its there devising its way
Never leaving, but it knows…
Knock! Knock!
Its almost time, not ready,
But it lingers on.
Searching earnestly for its time.

Knowing its near,
To strike as the clock counts down,
Knock! Knock!
Who’s there?
Total recall as the clock ticks.
Its time.
Flash, it fades away; emptiness.


Inside – Society 3

Waters flowing from the windows of the heart;
Like a fountain, it flows bringing forth fruit of words.
Skidding across the face of the earth;
None are heard!
The glimmer of light and hope,
We see at the end of this long,winding tunnel,
Ready to comply, we long to cope,
But down it is filtered like through a funnel.
Tied down by circumstance, we are still the same,
By the rules of society, we are made lame.
It sets its decoy,
Along we take a detour.
Bound by it, loosed by it,
We bind ourselves by it.
Surviving as we surge through the heat,
Raised to positions of power, it does nothing to our soul but eat.
Freedom we see but lack!
Screaming, roaming and groping in the dark,
We set out to make our mark.
A glimmer of light and we run.
Threatened by the speed at which freedom is ascertained, it extinguishes hope;
so we might do nothing but cope.

Waters flowing from the windows of the heart,
Like a fountain it flows, bringing forth fruit of words,
None are heard!
We are broken,
Bound by the chord of hate,
We run but we are too late.
The mind, in its state of devastation, is full of rage,
Silenced, it has come of age.
Beyond the bones, it burns,
Deep down to the soul, it burns,
Engraving itself, to form its own entity. It reaches out!
How long?
Not long now,
It screams with joy,
Freedom is ascertained,
We will survive no more!
We will live henceforth!

Society – Inside 2

Life as a gift, we are not able to open;
Dreaming daily, we run in blindness,
For we continue to survive.
Its in us but we see it not;
We are in it but it sees us not;
How long?
Determinedly passed on by guides,
In their blindness they lead,
Forging on but its all lies! We follow!
Our sight is dimmed,
The darkness slowly engulfing us in its bellies;
Humble and unknowingly; we follow!
Under our noses, we are deceived
With the sweet aroma, we live happily; we follow!
BT it gets in. Silence. Bitterness. Sadness.
How long?
Moved with rage from the bowels of our hearts,
Moving as though with purpose:
For change, we want not!
For the restoration of rights, we want not!
But in destruction we surge forward. Utterly confused and blinded.
The water give way from the strongest…
No hope lies in us, we see the darkness with a glimmer of light;
Yet we lack hope..
Society laughs cause it knows change is imminent.
But it knows the ignorance of our hearts not to effect change.
Dragged on deep into the darkness.
It suppresses our souls.
We long for the light,
We long for the morning,
Times and seasons are gone, yet we languish in darkness seeing the light but we lose it…
How long?